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Really cute! I love the modelling and animation, and the puzzles were really charming and challenging

Already replied in the jam comments but thank you here too!  💚


Great little sokoban puzzle game with cute graphics and good puzzle design. I had trouble because I didn't realize only the brown guy can push blocks and thought the action key wasn't working for player two, so I reckon that could be made clearer. I'd love it if more levels were made or if this became a full game :)

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Aaa, thank you for playing and commenting! 😍😍 Not sure we'll be doing much more with this since it was a jam game and we both have our own main projects going unfortunately, but do give Pode a try if you really want a full game that's similar to this!


Even with only one level, the game managed to introduce and utilize multiple ideas, and the exceptional puzzle design allowed for an experience that I definitely want more of. The only thing that I had a problem with when the moveable block was setup. It wasn't entirely clear to me that I was able to move the block and that it was part of the environment until the e popped up. I think it might have been better to have the block be completely blocking your path so that when you run into it you realize that you can move it. Amazing game nonetheless.

Thank you so much!! That's a great point about the first block.  We too wish we'd have more time to implement all the mechanics and parts of the level we had initially written down, but that's jams~ 😅


aswitch is the power of the water. i really can´t pass the first.

but still satisfing.

It's a bit tricky! Do you want a hint? Thanks for trying the game! 💜

yes, a hint wont be bad.

So just in case you didn't already know: P1 can push and pull the grey blocks and use them to hold buttons down, even the blue buttons for the water character.


really nice

Thank you! 💜