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Seemed like an interesting game but it's too hard. ;..-[

Aww. :c Thanks for playing anyhow!


Thank you for an interesting game keep up the great work 

Thanks for playing and the commentary!

Hmm, is there no escape from the bambi woods? :)

There is an end to the game—try walking in more of a straight line than in circles. p:


This was a delightful addition to the Ludum Dare game jam. It is funny in itself and quite easy to play however I found myself shot three times. For such a short game and a three day labor, this game does indeed have fantastic atmosphere. The entire time I had a feeling of slight fear with insurmountable alienation. I really enjoy games like this, and I truly wish there were more little indie games with equal care. Wonderful work!

Thanks a lot! For playing, and for making this comment and video, and not least for having the patience to make it to the end of the game! It's always super interesting to watch someone else's experience and hear what they have to say.


Nice work! Great atmosphere.