Note: audio for some reason doesn't start in web player (at least in Chrome) until after the intro, but the game does have sound!

What do you do when murders start piling up and you know who the culprit is but there never seems to be enough evidence to hold up in court? You just might orchestrate for yourself to be the next victim and make absolutely sure that no details go missing this time…


Take a walk around this small island town. Talk to people and look around. Find out what you need for your plan to succeed. Then carry it out.

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 43 by Ava Skoog. The theme was sacrifices must be made.

Keyboard only.

  • [walk] arrows / WASD / ZQSD
  • [browse] arrows / WASD / ZQSD
  • [action] enter / space
  • [cancel] escape / alt / alt gr


I didn't have time to put a map in the game during the jam, but here's the next best thing in case you get completely disoriented:



Download 19 MB
Download 30 MB
Download 14 MB

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