He’ll huff, puff, n blow your house in!

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 49. The theme was unstable.


Scramble to assemble a wall to keep the big, bad wolf out of your pigly home before he returns with a fresh gulp of air to send every last scrap flying.

🎭 Credits



HOGnDOG_mac.zip 35 MB
HOGnDOG_lin.zip 39 MB
HOGnDOG_win.zip 21 MB

Development log


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I arrived at 6. Maybe the cutest game I've ever seen lol, the simple and cute graphics are very beautiful. Very nice sound, the wolf is so sweet lol. I loved. Great job for such a short time. Do you do the designs and programming yourself?


Thank you! 😊 Depends on the game; for this one I didn't draw the characters (Marte in the credits did) but I animated them. I did do the programming.


Phew that was stressful, but I made it up to 6 😅 Cute characters and the crayon style is lovely! The sudden appearance of new blocks in one of the later rounds was not as helpful as the singing choir of angels seemed to think it was, because it made me accidentally fling a bunch of blocks away as I rushed to get some of the new bigger ones, haha!

Great job to you both! 

Thanks for playing 💜 Yeah, it's tricky!