Survival horror meets life simulator. Then again, what’s the difference between the two? How long will you last, seeing to your needs, working to pay your food and bills, until it all comes crashing down?

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 41 by Ava Skoog. Some sound effects from The theme was to combine two "incompatible" genres, in my case survival horror and life simulator. Turns out they're basically the same thing, however…

WASD or arrows plus mouse.


Development log


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its frankly really hard. i need to maintain my real body and my shutin body XD

Ouch, you're the first player I've seen die from not going on the loo! Thanks for playing and for the video!


goodluck for your future project and updates!

Thank  you! c:


very nice. the pizza guy looks DEMONIC though, scares me every time  0.0

"heh, yes, come closer, child... get your pizza.."


nice idea, and very good work in 72 hours.






Fun, but overly-challenging, it seems basically impossible to win when the game is mathematically / time-wise against you so that survival isn't about skill, but simply, how long can you fight off death, as if we're on our deathbed while playing the game. Balancing feels needed, but for 72 hours I won't hold it against you, it could be a funny full game, definitely.

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That was great to watch. Can't really argue with your points. Didn't have a lot of time to actually playtest the game, unfortunately. Unwinnability is the point, I guess, but that doesn't mean it couldn't have been better balanced! Thanks a lot! Out of interest, how did you find this game? c:


Combining these two different genres in the way you did is definitely interesting!
Trying to manage everything to survive is already hard. Then the bills dude starts knocking on the door and you are filled with panic, especially if you ordered more pizza than you should.
The mechanics are really solid (I didn't find any glitch or bug) and so is the gameplay.
I loved the art style of the game. The stylized look you went for is so good looking and definitely fools you. I wouldn't expect the horror element judging from the way the game looks only.
Same goes for the difficulty. The game is hard, but not annoying. The difficulty actually adds up to the whole mindset of "Will I make it another day?".
Also the fact that the game runs so smoothly on a browser is pretty awesome!
I really enjoyed your game and I have to say that it is impressive that you developed it in 72 hours.
Keep up the good work!!

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Enjoyed watching that. Thanks a bunch for the constructive criticism and positivity! Out of interest, how did you find this game? c:

I'm glad you enjoyed the video! :D
No problem! It is nice seeing developers making solid projects like yours.
I think I found it here on the horror section of the website.


1 Word: Brutal.

And of course, it was a really good game. It got quite stressful when I needed to eat and the pizza delivery man was running late. I lost my job, fell behind on the bills, and got arrested by the authorities. Reflects real life quite accurately. :^)

Thanks a bunch!