SINGULARITY was made for Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1 in 4~5 out of the 7 days by Ava Skoog and Chris Logsdon. It sees you a robot left alone on an immensely long spaceship in the grip of a black hole. ⚫️ You're stuck on repeat tending to a garden while minding the speeding up of time in the garden relative to the floors further away from it as you use the elevator to look for more water. The humans that were once also aboard are now long gone…


  • WASD/ZQSD/arrows to move
  • Also hold shift to move faster
  • E to interact/confirm
  • R to cancel
  • X/Y to flip camera controls on each axis
  • Space to un/lock cursor


Devlog start to finish:

A M 💜 Z I N G robot illustration:


Download 46 MB
Download 42 MB
Download 26 MB

Development log


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This reminds me of a doctor who arc with a similar, but more action oriented, scenario.

I really like the tonal shift between the calm garden, the zazzy elevator music and the cold hallways of the lower floors.

Also: The smaller trees almost look like they are praying, or am I imagining things?


Oi, lenge sidan eg var her, og så når eg faktisk kikjer innom er det ein kommentar frå ein time sidan. 👀 Takk for at du spelte!

Jaa, eg tenkte på den episoden men ville ikkje nemna han sidan eg ikkje ville avsløra for nokon som ikkje har sett han enno haha, veldig tøff episode. 🤩

Rakk jo ikkje å få så mykje innhold i spelet elles, så me vart sjølve fornøgde med at det i det minste var ei kjensle der og korleis musikken bidrog, så eg er glad at du lika det!

Var ikkje meininga å få trea til å sjå ut som om at dei gjer det, nei, men det var ein spennande observasjon.  😧


It's very awesome.The black hole looks cool .By the way add menu and close option :)


That black hole looks amazing! I like the mirror in the elevator.

Thank you!! 💜 After waking up to fix up the page with screenshots and a web build I found out there were some platform-specific graphical issues so I hope you didn't get the weird version where the black hole moved in the opposite direction from the camera haha 😭 Also I had accidentally disabled the HUD in the initial builds 😫 Not allowed to upload revisions until the rating period is over, but I added some links in the description. x: