Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 35 by Ava Skoog, Marte Kvamme Strømmen & Morten Formo (zbegra on itch). The theme was shapeshift. Keyboard and mouse!

It's an exciting day for a tiny tadpole when a bottle with a mysterious figure inside crashes in the pond! Guide the two unlikely friends through ponds to get to the ocean—freshwater is no place for Squiggles the octopus! The tadpole might not be much help at first, but progressing and growing from the experience might see you to the end of the game… Good luck! 

The game ended up having to be somewhat experimental in nature; emulating a squishy octopus in a rigid body physics engine was a bit difficult! It’s not entirely bug free when it comes to said cephalopod, but it was fun and worth trying.

We also didn't have time for sound effects, unfortunately, but there is some nicely atmospheric music! c:

Release date Apr 18, 2016
Made withUnity
TagsFrogs, froglet, Ludum Dare 35, moody, octopus, tadpole
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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